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PR Independent Research Study. Turning Back to the Clock to 2002.

Below is an independent study that was conducted Fall 2002 in Times Square, NYC.   Keep coming back often, as we will be posting our Performance Research Independent Studies bi-weekly from now on….



What can a company do to differentiate itself from the advertising clutter in Times Square? Since 1996, Nissin Foods has been effectively competing against higher profile companies like Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Discover by steaming up Times Square with its Cup Noodles advertising.

While standing in the middle of Times Square with your eyes closed, which companies, signs or advertisements could you recall surrounding you?

When a recent Performance Research study asked just that among 320 visitors to Times Square they found that Nissin Cup Noodles (13%) was remembered far more often than expected, actually ranking third, out of seventy-six companies mentioned. The only others mentioned more often were Coca-Cola (32%) and Budweiser (19%) – each with substantially higher profiles and national ad budgets. Additional companies mentioned in the study included NASDAQ, MTV, Discover, Sony and Kodak.

Moreover, when visitors were asked which one ad was Times Square’s most prominent, Nissin Cup Noodles was credited second only to Coca-Cola out of 40 companies named. Other prominent ads were by NASDAQ, Budweiser, Sony, Discover and Fleet.

So what differentiates Nissin Cup Noodles from others in Times Square, and allows them to compete with all those higher profile companies? It’s the novel idea that, since 1996, brings their advertisement to life, where Nissin has created a way for steam to rise out of their large replica Cup Noodles container; it almost makes you hungry just watching it.

This unique advertising is not just a gimmick for the tourists. In fact, Nissin’s ability to be remembered among “frequent” visitors was much higher when compared to “first time” visitors to Times Square. (18% frequent visitors vs. 7% first time visitors).

But what audience are they reaching? The difference between younger people noticing Nissin’s advertisement and older people noticing was greater than any other company mentioned. More than any other advertiser, Nissin was breaking through the clutter to reach the younger consumer (18% under 35 vs. 6% over 35).

Respondents were intercepted by Performance Research staff at various times and egresses from Times Square and asked to participate in a brief interview. A total of 320 respondents were included in this study. Interviews were conducted in late fall, 2002. The margin of error for this sample is no more than + 7%. Full study is available for purchase from Performance Research.

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When a Billboard is more than a Billboard

Yesterday revealed an interesting marketing blitz in Times Square,  where clothing company Weatherproof placed a giant billboard displaying President Obama wearing one of their jackets while standing at the Great Wall of China.  Soon after discovering the existence of the billboard, the White House issued a letter to the company requesting that they remove the advertisement, seeing how Barack Obama, nor the White House authorized any use of the image for endorsements.

Now while some debate that the advertisement is unacceptable and that the President should file lawsuit against the clothing company, he will  most likely not, as the billboard is already being removed.

Does Weatherproof worry that some people in the public find using the Presidents’ likeness is in poor favor?  Probably not.

The image displays a good looking man, with a good looking jacket.  The picture does him justice and it will most likely do the same for the clothing brand.  The advertisment has recieved massive amounts of coverage in the media, and has acted as a point of discussion amongst many individuals.  This type of press is certainly of more value than the billboard itself.

Although you may or may not agree with the way that Weatherproof went about marketing their product, you have to agree with the fact that this kind of non traditional advertising certainly creates a stir in the marketplace.  I’d like to see how Weatherproof’s sales are affected over the next few weeks.

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Charmin Activates the Restroom

During our trip to NY last week we found the time to check out what some companies were up to in light of the holiday season. Our search led us to Times Square where we located the Charmin “Enjoy the Go” Pop Up on Broadway. The general idea behind the toilet paper brands space was to offer clean restrooms to the millions that flock to Times Square this time every year. This ground breaking service has been offered for the past four years and appears to be a great success.

While the main feature of the Pop Up is to provide the public with restrooms, the highlight of the area was the crew of employees that truly activated the venue. Starting with a team on the street, the Charmin brand ambassadors invited people inside with clear and energetic actions. Once you entered the building, the positive energy did not fade amongst any of the crew that led you to the restrooms, the facebook/twitter stations (where you can talk about your “go”) and even when they were taking your photo on atop the giant “throne”.

It was great to see such enthusiasm amongst a team of employees while present at a branded space. It’s also great to see how Charmin can change something as dull and monotonous as using the restroom into something exciting that people want to be a part of. Thanks for keeping us engaged!

Make sure to check out the photos below and for more info about “Enjoy the Go” check out http://tinyurl.com/ygmx5yb

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