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Trevor Bayne and NASCAR – Open for Business

This past Sunday, as we all watched rookie Trevor Bayne win the Daytona 500 by edging out a field of seasoned Sprint Cup pros, we couldn’t help but laugh at what great value his current sponsors were getting! Despite the innocent rookie move of forgetting to thank his sponsors in the post race interview, he was providing some serious value to his corporate backers.

Now let’s talk about the reality of the situation moving forward. Trevor Bayne is barely 20 years old and on the top of the world. Of course, while no one may even expect him to win the rest of the year (he isn’t even slated for the whole season at this point), one thing is for sure, guaranteed media attention. He is a media dream and an onslaught of new fans (over 20,000 new twitter followers since winning the race) will catapult him into the big time and the sponsorship should follow.

Sponsors that are considering whether or not to support Bayne have the opportunity to align with him right after his big win and be the saving grace that ensures his presence in NASCAR. Besides the long term results, these sponsors would immediately receive praise from his legions of new, soon to be loyal fans. We already know from past Performance Research Independent Studies that 72% of NASCAR fans would almost always or frequently choose the brand they associate with NASCAR over one that is not associated with NASCAR, and we can only expect this number to hold true for the sports new golden boy, if not be even higher.

That being said, we are keeping our ‘SponsorEye’ open, looking for the brand that jumps at this opportunity and attempts to make Trevor Bayne the household name that he has so much potential to become. In the meantime we anxiously wait to hear what Trevor decides to name his very own sundae later today at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco!

For more on Performance Research and our Independent Studies check us out at www.performanceresearch.com

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What Sponsors Want To See!

Check out how much NASCAR fans really do know the sponsors:

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Performance Research Independent Study : Consumers Switch To Sponsors Products

With the Daytona 500 approaching this weekend, thought we’d post a Performance Research Independent Study regarding NASCAR from 2000.   Check it out!


Viagra and Lycos Outperform First Year Sponsors to NASCAR

According to a recent study by Performance Research, an independent market research firm based in Newport, RI, Lycos and Viagra gained consumer recognition with their new presence in NASCAR sponsorship.

Lycos’ first year as a primary sponsor for NASCAR driver Johnny Benson starts with high points…

The press around Lycos’ last minute signing of their sponsorship agreement with driver Johnny Benson the night before the Daytona 500 race combined with Benson’s exciting unexpected strong showing towards the end of the race boosted Lycos’ exposure as evidenced by the 12 percentage point awareness among NASCAR fans, ranking them first among all other first year Winston Cup sponsors. Boding well for Lycos is the fact that the study also found that Internet access among NASCAR fans has increased nearly 20 percentage points from 53% in July of 1998 to 70% in February of 2000.

Also getting a boost was Viagra who had impressive consumer awareness without even qualifying for the Daytona 500…

Viagra received 5% unaided sponsorship awareness in its first year as a Winston Cup sponsor, even though driver Jeff Fuller failed to qualify for the Daytona 500.

How important is this awareness…?

Past studies have shown that given the choice between two products of equal cost, 72% of NASCAR fans would almost always or frequently choose the brand they associate with NASCAR over one that is not associated with NASCAR. Interestingly as well, when there is a price differential, a strong 46% mentioned that they would purchase a brand costing as much as ten percent more if associated with NASCAR over a less expensive brand that is not associated with NASCAR.

In fact, 43 percent of NASCAR fans were influenced enough by NASCAR sponsorships to switch from their normal brand of a grocery store item to try a different brand. Tide came up as a beneficiary of this sentiment with 20 percent of all consumers questioned switching from their normal brand to try out Tide. Among others mentioned most often were Kellogg’s, Cheerios, Coca-Cola, M&M’s and Budweiser.

The current demographics of NASCAR fans were recorded in this study as well. The typical fan was measured as male (68%), married (73%), a high school graduate (97%) with a total household income of $50,000 or more (68%).

Two- hundred (200) telephone interviews were conducted with a random nationwide sample of NASCAR TV viewers forty-eight hours after the 2000 Daytona 500 had taken place. The margin of error is no more than + 5%.

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Are you all excited?!!

This week represents one of the biggest and most diverse sporting weeks on the planet!

Last night we had a great kick off with the Super Bowl in Miami as New Orleans took the win over the Indianapolis Colts.  Then today launches the start of the Americas Cup race in Valencia, Spain, followed by the Winter Olympic opening ceremony from Vancouver on Friday.  Sunday caps off the week with the 52nd running of the Daytona 500 down in Florida.

Does it get any better for sports fan of all types?

Check out the links below for more details about each event:

The 33rd Americas Cup starts Feb. 8th


2010 Winter Olympics live from Vancouver on Feb 12th


52nd Running of the Daytona 500 on Feb.14th


Super Bowl Recap


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