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Optimizing Sponsorship Performance

Castrol recently broke news off their official sponsorship of the National Football League. The company is a well established producer of high performance synthetic motor oil and plans to expand their audience. By having the Castrol EDGE endorsement distributed through various mediums that the NFL can offer, Castrol will gain exposure for their product line.

The multi-year sponsorship of the NFL will represent a considerable investment for Castrol. Companies often obtain the title of official sponsor but are unable to break through the clutter of other sponsors competing for exposure. As a result unaided awareness for a company’s sponsorship may fall short of company goals.

What can Castrol do to get the most out of their investment? One way is by making the sponsorship work for them at point of purchase. This means have a promotion in store, on the product itself. Attach an entry form for chances to win tickets to NFL playoff games and later promote tickets to off-season training camps. This would represent a comparably inexpensive approach to making the initial sponsorship work for them.

Point of purchase is where the majority of purchase decisions are made. A promotion such as this would also serve to remind consumers of the connection between the performance demanded in the NFL and by the Castrol EDGE product itself.

Promotions like this would be a great way for Castrol to reach potential customers at the local level while also helping to break through the clutter of other sponsorships.

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Dog Toy that Makes a Difference!

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of gift giving around the Performance Research office, and our beloved dog, Austin, was not to be left out! While un-wrapping Austin’s latest gift, a stuffed dog toy, we noticed an interesting partnership between the toy maker and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

What caught our eye about this partnership is not only how unique it is, but also how it truly serves a purpose. When you purchase one of the toys, you are given the opportunity to register it with Sergeant’s Pet Care Products (the manufacturer) and when you do, they give a donation directly to the NWF. This program, which is part of all of Sergeant’s “Protected Wildlife Series”, shows consumers that by purchasing this product, they are actually contributing to a good cause. It is also worth noting that while the toy is for a dog, the packaging provides “kid friendly” information about the animal, in this case a Bison, and about the NWF.

It is nice to see a company that is thinking outside the box and utilizing their partnerships to benefit an organization that they truly care about!

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