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VP Bill Doyle speaks at 2010 NCAA Convention

Last Wednesday Performance Research Vice President Bill Doyle had the pleasure to speak at the 2010 NCAA Convention held in Atlanta, GA.  Bill spoke during a panel discussion titled “Fans: How to find them and how to keep them”.

During this panel, he talked about the findings from Performance Research’s extensive research in regards to sporting events and fan retention. He also provided tools and guidance on how schools can conduct their own research to find out who is, who isn’t and who should be coming to their sporting events.

We hope that his years of experience and industry expertise were helpful to the event attendees!

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Didn’t Accenture drop Tiger?

While walking to my gate at Logan Airport in Boston last Thursday evening, I could not help but question the Accenture advertisements lining the walls.  Now one might say, “What’s questionable about Accenture adverts in an international airport?”, as the company is arguably the world’s largest consulting firm and Logan is one the world’s busiest airports.
Well, it is not the placement of the signage that spurred my reaction; it was the fact that the advertisements utilized Tiger Woods.  As we all know, Accenture relieved Woods from his postion underneath their sponsorship wing over a month ago as soon as the public began to get an in depth look into his unchaste lifestyle.
So, back to my questioning, how come Accenture, after a very decisive and public decision to drop Tiger, is still displaying ads featuring the golfer?  Does it not make sense that they would immediately pull and replace these ads?  Any thoughts?

Perhaps Accenture should look to remove all Tiger marketing materials sooner than later in order to make sure their point is made.

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If not for Safety, then at least for Chicken!

A recent article in USA Today presented an interesting partnership that had been going on in three different South Carolina counties.  The local law enforcement departments had teamed up with Chick-fil-A to hand out free sandwich coupons to drivers that were wearing their seat belt while pulled over during routine traffic stops.

This partnership between the chain famous for its “eat mor chikin” campaign (led by talking bovines) and the local law enforcement agencies came as a nice surprise to the drivers who were pulled over.  Not only does it offer the driver a gift, it invokes a sense of pride for doing the right thing.  Also, the recipient is likely to pass along the good news, and more importantly continue wearing their seat belt in the future.

Besides rewarding the driver, the campaign also benefits the law enforcement agencies and Chick-fil-A.  The police gain positive face time with the community, as I am sure that drivers are much more pleased to receive a chicken sandwich rather than a traffic ticket.  And on the other side of the deal, Chick-fila-A stands in a position to increase restaurant traffic, generate appreciation from the community, all while perpetuating their image as a community oriented QSR.

Although we haven’t researched the effectivness of this campaign, we can say that this is an interesting partnership that caused some heads to turn and made some happy drivers in South Carolina.  Kudos to both sides for making a deal that rewards safety while increasing positive awareness!

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When a Billboard is more than a Billboard

Yesterday revealed an interesting marketing blitz in Times Square,  where clothing company Weatherproof placed a giant billboard displaying President Obama wearing one of their jackets while standing at the Great Wall of China.  Soon after discovering the existence of the billboard, the White House issued a letter to the company requesting that they remove the advertisement, seeing how Barack Obama, nor the White House authorized any use of the image for endorsements.

Now while some debate that the advertisement is unacceptable and that the President should file lawsuit against the clothing company, he will  most likely not, as the billboard is already being removed.

Does Weatherproof worry that some people in the public find using the Presidents’ likeness is in poor favor?  Probably not.

The image displays a good looking man, with a good looking jacket.  The picture does him justice and it will most likely do the same for the clothing brand.  The advertisment has recieved massive amounts of coverage in the media, and has acted as a point of discussion amongst many individuals.  This type of press is certainly of more value than the billboard itself.

Although you may or may not agree with the way that Weatherproof went about marketing their product, you have to agree with the fact that this kind of non traditional advertising certainly creates a stir in the marketplace.  I’d like to see how Weatherproof’s sales are affected over the next few weeks.

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Kraft is Bringing Down the House with it’s “Cheddar Explosion”

In an interesting sponsorship move out of Texas,  Kraft Foods has signed on to be the official sponsor of the Texas Stadium demolition, or the “Cheddar Explosion” as it has been dubbed. This deal was approved by a unanimous vote from the Irving City Council last Thursday. As per the agreement, Kraft is receiving sponsorship status by donating $150,000 in cash and product to local Irving area charities chosen by both the company and by the city.

While this agreement and the explosion itself is going to generate a lot of positive hype for Kraft, another aspect of the deal is really what attracted my attention. Rather than just give this money and product to local charities, Kraft is engaging the rest of the public by having a competition to find a lucky child to press the detonation button. Children from all over the country will get to compete in a national essay writing contest, with the winner actually taking down the building! With this competition and the media coverage involved with taking down an iconic building, Kraft is poised to engage many consumers in not only the local, but the national arena.

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Where’s the pizza, Little Ceasar?

Amongst all the college football bowl games going on this month, one in particular is standing out in my thoughts.  This game, the Little Ceasar Pizza Bowl, took place last week in Detroit with a battle between Marshall and Ohio.

Little Caesars, who took over title sponsorship for the first time this year, was hailed in the Detroit local press as a savior for the city, and a good sign that Detroit is still a viable option for major sporting events amidst economic crisis.  While this positive press and media coverage is a good thing for Little Caesar, perhaps there was another area of their sponsorship that the QSR chain could have focused on.  I am referring to the fact that no Little Caesars pizzas were available inside the stadium.  On top of this, one of their competitors, Hungry Howie’s, was present and for sale.

Right off the bat one would begin to question this issue. Why not provide / sell your product at the game?  It offers a perfect opportunity for a fan that is already at “your game” to try the exact product that you are there to promote.  Not only would you benefit from name recognition, but you would tap into other senses via the pizza.

On the other side of the spectrum is the reality that selling Little Caesars pizza would infringe on the agreement that Hungry Howie’s and Ford Field already have in place.  I don’t imagine Howie being too excited about letting Caesar cut into his pizza sales.  Did Little Caesars consider this before signing on as a title sponsor? Is there anything they can do next year to avoid this same awkward issue?

Selling Little Ceasar at the game could have proved beneficial to their cause, and the fact that their product wasn’t present defintely caused a few heads to turn.  This seems to be an issue that may have not been avoidable, but certainly deserves to be questioned.

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