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Green Flag for NASCAR Sponsorship

This past Sunday the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wrapped up in Miami, FL at the Ford 400. The race, being held at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, had all the sponsorship and fan areas that you would expect to see at a major sporting event. Lucky for us, we were on site to witness these activations. While we saw good activations from Ford, Coke and Jack Daniels, it was UPS that stole the show.

Just a few moments before the start of the race, a UPS Delivery Truck circled the track, raced to the start finish line and hand delivered the green starter flag! With this exhibition, UPS shows how they utilize their sponsorship in a unique way, tapping into the minds of the thousands of spectators in the packed stands. The stunt allowed UPS to create a link from their company’s services to a NASCAR race in an exciting fashion. Thanks for giving us something to smile about!

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No Signs of a Sponsorship Slow Down for London 2012

Paul Deighton, Chief Executive of the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee recently stated that he did not expect to sign on anymore top level sponsors prior to the start of the games. However, an announcement was made yesterday that BMW has signed on in a deal valued at $56 million dollars, placing them amongst the top tier of Olympic sponsors. BMW is slated to provide over 4,000 cars, along with a fleet of motorcycles and bicycles in exchange for rights to the Olympic logo and other benefits.

The deal with BMW has pushed the total value of all secured sponsorships just under $1 billion, helping the London Olympic Committee inch closer to their goal of $1.1 billion. The fact that the London 2012 has done such an excellent job of recruiting sponsors and raising funds in this poor global economy speaks tremendously for the power of the Olympics, as well as the work of the London 2012 Committee.

So while the Olympics are feeling the benefits of corporate spending, other major properties like the PGA and ATP are feeling the pinch. In some cases these organizations are even shutting down events due to the loss of sponsors. I invite everyone to share their opinion on why the Olympics hold so much weight when budgets are allocated. How come they are coming out on top, while others are scratching to remain afloat?

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Football and French Fries?

McDonald’s recently signed on as an official primary sponsor of the Football Association of Thailand (soccer), in a deal valued just below $1,000,000. including cash for equipment, uniforms and travel. The total value also included meals from the quick service chain for the athletes. Now, it’s no surprise to see McDonald’s sponsoring sports, as they have long been a supporter of sports and athletes around the world. What spurred me to write this post was their continued inclusion of in-kind goods as part of the sponsorship.

Ever since 1968 when McDonald’s had hamburgers airlifted to France for homesick U.S. Olympic athletes, the idea of providing meals as part of their sponsorship has been an integral part of their plan. This plan has taken action in many ways, from providing meal vouchers to youth leagues around the world, all the way to building a custom McDonald’s in Beijing solely for the 2008 Olympic athletes.

While these sponsorships have been in place, so has a similar menu, known best for burgers and fries. At times people have questioned McDonald’s value as an athlete food source due to this fact. However, now providing more nutritious options for their customers and athletes alike, perhaps their sports sponsorships will make more sense in the eyes of fans around the globe.

Based on what you know about McDonald’s, let me ask you all a question:

Is the fact that their sports sponsorship program gives meals to athletes more beneficial now that they take a stronger stance on social responsibilty via healthier menu choices?

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Newport Harbor View

Check these pics out that were snapped from the top of our office last week. Fall in New England!



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2009 National Arts Marketing Project Conference

This past Saturday Performance Research was happy to attend the National Arts Marketing Project Conference held in Providence, Rhode Island.  Bill Doyle, industry guru and VP of Performance Research was present to take part on the panel titled “A Glimpse Behinde the Curtain: How Corporate Sponsors Think, Decide, and Execute.”  Besides Bill, the panel included Alice Sachs Zimet of Arts + Business Partners, Stephen Prostano of Silver Bridge Advisors and Kerri Cleghorn of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Each of the speakers captivated the nearly 200 attendees in the room,  speaking about individual experiences and sharing professional insights on the nature of corporate art sponsorship.

Click the pics below for more info!

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