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Looking Back to Sundance

Being back in Newport after a trip out west to Sundance for the acclaimed film festival has given us some time to reflect on what was for us here at Performance Research, the most interesting movie of the festival – “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” by Morgan Spurlock.

While I am sure the majority of you know what the movie is about, for those who do not, here is the recap:

Director Morgan Spurlock completes a successful plight to create a film of which the main subject is corporate product placement in television and movies. Of course, there is a twist, and the twist is he successfully demonstrates how to garner product placement, by cleverly gaining corporate sponsors to fund the very movie (while filming the entire process) being made. Effectively, the movie becomes a ‘how to’ documentary for anyone looking to find corporate support, while also questioning the notion that Hollywood is ‘selling out’.

Now as those of us who are in tune with the world of marketing know, product placement has been around for a long time, and will continue to be part of the world in which we live for the foreseeable future. That being said, while Spurlock’s film does a good job of educating the masses about product placement and how marketers choose to advertise their product, here at Performance Research, the film nudged us to think more about the effectiveness of this tool. This meaning, does product placement work?

Of course, without conducting specific studies into the value of product placement little can be verified, but we do believe many of the same rules we apply to event sponsorship also apply to product placement. The brand must activate and engage the viewers, just like they would attendees at a sporting event or during a mobile marketing unit tour. In doing so, product placement has the potential to become a fruitful form of advertising, reaching the masses, while possibly creating a desire for the product you are pitching.

Spurlock’s movie certainly created a buzz regarding this subject and we imagine it will grow when the film is released nationwide in April. We look forward to watching it again in the spring and in the meantime we will keep our sponsor eye looking for great activation of product placement in film and television.

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Holiday Spirit at the Airport?!

Just yesterday while waiting in yet another airport terminal, we noticed a great activation that actually enhances someones airport wait time experience!  In a co-branded effort from Microsoft and Southwest Airlines, the two companies have placed a photo booth in select airport terminals where travelers can pose in front of a snowy landscape and even take a seat with Santa.  After your photo is taken, you will receive a printed copy and also have the chance to use Windows Live to edit and share your photo over the internet!

Good job by both Microsoft and Southwest in making the wait at the airport more bearable and in step with the season via their “Holiday photos on the Fly” campaign!

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FedEx makes a smart play with the ATP

Here at Performance Research we often applaud sponsorship deals where not only cash is exchanged in return for branding rights, but when we see these deals actually make a positive difference for each of the parties involved.  One recently announced sponsorship where we feel confident that both sides will benefit is the agreement between the Association of Tennis Professionals and FedEx.

The worldwide shipping giant has signed on for three years as a sponsor of 17 ATP World Tour tournaments, while also gaining global marketing rights.  Now while this agreement will offer FedEx a plethora of exposure on both television and on ATPWorldTour.com, there is one way in which they are activating their sponsorship that has us most impressed.

In a play off their ability to provide reliable delivery service to customers, FedEx has developed the “FedEx Reliability Zone”, an online destination where fans can go to view in depth analysis of their favorite players, including match records and athlete consistency in every situation from opponents, pressure level and type of court surface.  By developing this great resource for fans and placing the information prominently on ATPWorldTour.com, FedEx is truly using their position as a sponsor to make a connection with not only tennis buffs, but with fans who are in need of a one stop destination to gear up on tour knowledge.

Hopefully other corporate sponsors can take a cue from FedEx by providing a great feature for fans that is also relevant to the service which their company provides.

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Activate No Matter the Weather

As I look out of the window here in Newport on another cold, rainy day in New England,  I start to think about how fortunate we are when we do get great weather.  Soon enough the air will begin to warm up, our days will be longer, and even the water temperature surrounding the island will slowly begin to rise.

Sitting here at my desk while thinking about the weather triggered the sponsorship side of my brain and how sponsors must deal with mother nature at events.  While in our own lives we have seasons to sit around and wait for the weather to get better, a sponsored event or activation can be as a short lived as a few hours.  What is a sponsor to do?

For my answer I looked to Performance Research Senior Project Manager Marc Porter who has traveled the globe with event research teams, braving nearly every weather condition imaginable.

Marc said “Although you must obviously stay positive, anticipating and planning for the worst (weather) is always important”.  He also mentioned how sponsors can react to the weather and respond with something that would make the spectators appreciate them, like free branded ponchos, etc.

Hopefully no one out there is going to have to take Marc’s advice, but remember it’s always in the sponsor’s best interest to plan for the worst and then hope for the best.

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More from Vancouver…

Has sponsorship gone to the dogs?

Sometimes the simplest activations are the most effective.  These dogs we saw last week in Vancouver were a huge draw for anyone passing by!

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Helmet Cam Activates Winter X

If you are a loyal follower of this blog, you might notice that every time we go to an event for on site research we  notice an activation that provokes a positive reaction amongst myself, our group, and most importantly the event attendees.  Our most recent trip to Winter X Games 14 held in Aspen, CO was no different.

While on the mountain at Snowmass we came across an ESPN X Games activation that allowed skiers and snowboarders to strap on a helmet-cam and ride down the mountain while the camera was recording.  Each small video cam (one pointed at your face, and the other looking forward) starts rolling as you head down the hill into a little terrain park.  The park packed in some mini features including two small jumps along with a few rails and boxes for riding over.

After your run is over, the cam was handed over to the friendly staff at the bottom of the hill, who then edited the footage on site, uploaded it to YouTube, and sent the link to your email address practically before you could make it to après-ski.

Very cool engagement from ESPN.  If you want to check out the author of this post riding and many other talented athletes with the helmet cam, click on this link and go to the Sno Cam Experience:


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Make Sure Your Street Team is Working For You!

This past weekend I took a quick trip down to NYC to visit some old friends and take care of some holiday shopping.  Of course, despite the tugs from my girfriend, I could not help but stop and analyze what some companies were up to as far as sponsorship and activation.

One of the moments that really pushed me to take out the camera and notepad was upon seeing a Metro PCS promotion in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan.  There was a woman dressed up in a purple Metro PCS outfit, standing on a corner outside a subway stop.  Now this seems like a perfect opportunity to shout your message, right? Too bad it wasn’t working out as planned.

Even though that particular corner wasn’t the busiest citywide, the real problem was the lack of enthusiasm from the employee.  The hired worker basically just stood there, not going up to anyone and looking totally non commited to her role.  As we pointed out a few weeks ago in discussing the Charmin pop up in Times Square, with its outstanding engagement approach, peoples attitudes are the KEY to on street promotions.  If you smile and interact with everyone that passes by, you have a much higher success rate than just standing there (Duh!).

Another two potential customers walk by, unengaged.

Now that we establshed that the Metro PCS promotional worker should have been more effective,  lets take a look at who else was responsible for this quiet city corner.

While we are not sure whether this particular promotion was a result of a local store or the national headquarters, we are sure that a person in charge should make sure that everything is working!  From a corporate perspective, if they are providing a promotional budget for a local store to hire this girl, shouldn’t they make sure the local store knows how to run the event properly?  And from the other side, if corporate is running the promo, shouldn’t they have someone from within operating hands on when training the staff and picking a location?  Either way, choosing and managing proper staff would do worlds to make this promotion more effective.

Hopefully in the future, Metro PCS and other companies with good ideas should take it a step further to make sure their plans are carried out with the same energy that was used in the creation process.

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